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Catering is Fun-da-mental

A list of things to remember:

Cutting board


Garbage cans and liners

Squeeze bottles

Coffee stuff

This is just the tip of the iceberg of what I can’t leave without when I cater off premise. And that list has grown over time. I didn’t think I would ever forget something as important and useful as beverage napkins, but I almost always do! Now they are on the list.

Catering is a very rewarding experience. It has a beginning and an end. I know how much food I need. I know how much it will cost. Most of all, I get to make people happy. After months of planning, the day finally arrives and even if I have forgotten the beverage napkins, no one is the wiser and the food is incredible and it doesn’t rain and the music is great and all of the guests can’t imagine how we get this all done!

Magic. Really. I still don’t believe it most of the time. We prepped the food at The Wife, hauled it to the site, set up the tables, had plenty of hors d’oeuvres, fed the client and all of their guests scrumptious hot meals and got the dessert buffet set up before the first guest finished with dinner.  Magic. Just like that. It’s a machine, really. A machine with a giant heart.

A few weeks ago I had that pleasure of catering a wedding for my friends, Mike and Kristi. The reception was in a barn. The barn was part of a working farm. The transformation from cluttered barn to exquisitely rustic reception hall was incredible. Kristi had a vision and she made it happen! You should have seen the handmade 8 foot square chandelier made of pine slab and mason jars that hung from the center of the rafters!  Rain or Shine, the rental company, built us a bar into a hill to add more square footage to the entryway. Nancy Bishop and her floral designs dashed blooms of gold and purple all over the farm tables, the hay wagon and the bridal bouquets. God made it rain early and quickly, well before any guests arrived. It was all just perfect…until I placed the wedding cake on the dessert buffet on a sterling silver cake stand (given to me by one of the first brides for whom I ever did a wedding. Thanks, Dierdre! Still using it all the time!) with the family heirloom cake knife and, shit, the damn guests cut into the wedding cake and helped themselves before the bride and groom even cut it! In fact, they ate the whole thing before Mike or Kristi tasted any!  They didn’t seem to mind as the Strawberry Shortcake Bar was certainly delicious, but, lesson learned. New list –

List of things to consider at a wedding:

Don’t put the wedding cake anywhere near the rest of the desserts.

Learn about electricity and how much an amp is.

That last one is another story.

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