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Life of the Party, New Episode Coming This November

The Life of the Party, Chef Amy Chamberlain’s cooking show, will be releasing a new episode this November! Amy’s guest is Coco Eyre who’s currently in the running to be on Chopped Junior. Coco rides horses, skis, plays lacrosse. Famous for her lemonade stands. She’s constantly trying to figure out ways to raise money to help others. Junior honorary deacon at the Pawlet Church. She’s been cooking with fierce determination and passion for the past year. Obsessed with cooking shows and brave when it comes to creating things. She has two big brothers and two dogs. She loves the ocean, reading, music and she has a blog called Channeling Coco Chanel.

She’s a better person than most, it would seem! 11 years old!

If you have not seen the show, you can watch all the episodes here.

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